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New Online Pieces from Etro

New pieces from Etro’s Fall/Winter collection is online now. This collection includes capes, sweaters, puffer jackets, and silk shirts.


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New Trippen Shoes Online

New Fall/Winter pieces from Trippen is now up on our website! Soles ranges in the happy, splitt and the geisha sole.


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Sabina Savage | New Pieces Online

New and beautiful pieces from Sabina Savage is now up and live on our website! This Persian Pandemonium collection references the art and artifacts of ancient Persia, drawing on the rich, jewel-like color palettes, the intricate details and the beautiful craftsmanship of the region.

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Black Diamonds: Interstellar Origins

Black Diamonds: Interstellar Origins

Historically, black diamonds were held in low regard. This changed during the late 20th century when designers began including them in work where they were complemented by tiny colorless diamonds in pavé settings. Their popularity has continued to rise as black diamonds have become incorporated into many engagement rings and necklaces.

Black diamonds take different forms, from those that are man-made to those that are naturally colored. As with any stone, those that occur naturally are among the most prized. Black diamonds are also known by their moniker “fancy diamonds”. A contrast to the refined qualities the name suggests, these diamonds become darkly colored due to the number of inclusions they contain. These inclusions allow traces of graphite, pyrite, and even hematite to become attached during the formation process. This means that a single black diamond is often made up of many smaller black crystals that are bound by their inclusions, creating a polycrystalline structure. Depending on the number of inclusions, the body color of a natural black diamond can be nearly colorless, to brown and even olive green.

Naturally colored black diamonds are often completely opaque, with a high luster that gives the stones a nearly metallic appearance. Because these stones have a high concentration of inclusions, cutting and polishing them can be difficult. This makes the cut of each diamond all the more special and labor-intensive as they must be set with great care. And because they are often so dark, they absorb more light than they reflect, so much of their beauty stems from their surface which is polished like marble.

Natural black diamond deposits are also rare. Currently, they can only be found in Central Africa and Brazil, making genuine natural black diamonds more difficult to source. Although it may sound like a far-fetched explanation, folklore states that black diamonds came from space on an asteroid that fell to earth millions of years ago. According to scientists at the Natural Science Foundation, this may be accurate because South America and Africa were once a single landmass. This would support the theory that an asteroid brought black diamonds to earth and is the reason why they are found in such concentrated areas, making them an interstellar rarity.


Karen Melfi: Jewelry Trunk Show


JULY 26TH & 27TH 1PM-5PM

Join us in welcoming Santa Fe artist, Karen Melfi, to Santa Fe Dry Goods. Karen specializes in naturally colored diamonds that are polished, cubed, faceted and set with 18 and 22K gold. Her dynamic artistry is greatly inspired by the elegant lines of Japanese design and artifacts from around the world – Tibet, China and North Africa. These various elements are combined to create a handcrafted opulence that can be worn daily.


Karen Melfi has been living and creating in Santa Fe for nearly thirty years. She began selling her collection at her eponymous gallery on Canyon Road and in the years since has become renowned nationally for her work. She recently closed her gallery to devote herself to further developing her collection, which is currently being sold exclusively at Santa Fe Dry Goods.





Cathryn Collins is the designer behind I Pezzi Dipinti, a brand dedicated to creating clothing with help from artisans around the world. Her line of cashmere knitwear and textiles are testaments to the handiwork of individuals from Italy to India.

Collins created I Pezzi Dipinti in 1988. The name itself means “painted pieces” in Italian, and the first iteration of her business surrounded painted pieces of furniture. She had previously worked for Knoll furniture on marketing and product development. During that time she became obsessed with artisanal furniture production and eventually met a family that had been restoring painted 15th – 17th-century furniture. She later worked with artisans in Nepal to create textiles, and eventually creators in Umbria, Italy, to produce cashmere knitwear.

The reason her designs are crafted in so many locations is due to the fact she built her business around her love of traveling and love for the locations the artisans she works with.  Many of her textiles are made in India, from Kashmir to Bangladesh, through dozens of individuals who are spinning, weaving, embroidering and tie-dying these authentic pieces. Working with the most talented artisans, I Pezzi Dipinti also produces cashmere knitwear in Italy, and most recently, bespoke furs in New York. A mix of elevated craftsmanship and forward-thinking is what has created such strong designs.

Despite the success of Cathryn’s work, I Pezzi Dipinti is only available through trunk shows in New York, London, Jackson Hole and Aspen, and now, Santa Fe. The brand is a favorite of those who prefer under-the-radar finds. Please join us in welcoming Cathryn Collins for a trunk show on July 26th and 27th, 2019.

New Sacai Online

New pieces from Sacai are now online in styles of asymmetrical tops, denim/ sheer panel & ruffle top, satin printed palazzo pants and hooded multi-fabric knit jacket.

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Daniela Gregis | New Pieces Online

New pieces from Daniela Gregis are now online in vibrant colors of electric blue, blue and orange flowers, blue and red flowers, and fuschia.

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New Monies Now Online

Beautiful pieces form Monies are now online. These pieces feature Carnelia, Lapis, Moutain Crystals, Turquoise, and Rutilated Quartz.

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New Mieko Mintz Online

New jackets from Mieko Mintz is now online in styles of the opera a-line jacket, bell shape jacket, drape collar jacket and bara Kantha jacket.


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Trippen Shoes Arrives In-Store

Our favorite German shoe brand, Trippen, has arrived in-store today.

Avant Toi Arrives In-Store

New Pieces from Avant Toi arrived in-store today. Pieces will be shot and placed on our website soon.

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Officine Creative Arrives In-Store

New shoes from Officine creative arrives in-store today. Shoes will be a shot in our studio soon and will be posted on our website.

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By Walid Arrives In-Store Today

New pieces from one of our favorite designers, By Walid, arrived in our Santa Fe Dry Goods store today.

Recuperando Tiles Arrives In-Store

New pieces from our new designer in-store, Recuperand, arrives today in our Wild Life store.


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Hania New York Arrives In-Store

New pieces from Hania New York arrived in-store today and will be released online soon!

Wehve Arrived In-Store

Beautiful ponchos from Wehve have arrived in-store today in colors of Jaipur, Maui Teal, Tulum Earth, Melbourne, and Trinidad. Pieces will be shot and put on our website soon. Stay tuned!

VOZ Arrives In-Store

VOZ has arrived in-store today just in time for Santa Fe’s Folk Art Market.

Maison de Vacances Arrives In-Store

Maison de Vacances velvet pillows arrived in-store today in colores of Natural, Kaki, Havane, Ocre, and Cappuccino.

Péro Arrives In-Store

New beautiful Pieces from Péro arrived today. Pieces will be photographed and uploaded to the website this week.

Daniela Gregis New In-Store

New pieces from Daniela Gregis arrived in-store today with colors in Electric Blue, Blue/Orange Flowers, Blue & Red Flowers, Brown Houndstooth, and Fucia/Green Flowers.


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Etro New In-Store

New pieces from Etro arrived in-store today! Pieces will be shot in our studio and uploaded online later this week.


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Marni | New In-Store

New pieces from Marni has arrived in-store today!

Campomaggi New Online

New pieces from Campomaggi are now online in styles of the shopping tote, crossbody, and the small studded bowling bag.


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