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One-of-a-Kind: Ram Rijal

Ram Rijal

To be one-of-a-kind is to have an undeniable rarity. Often, it has a central material that demands a unique and entirely specific design approach by the artist. It is unequaled, unprecedented and unlikely to be found or seen in the same form again.

Ram Rijal

Ram Rijal, a London-based goldsmith, crafts modern, unique jewelry inspired by ancient design. Having gotten his start working for Pippa Small, Ram worked for many jewelry designers before striking out on his own. His work is carried primarily by small galleries throughout Europe and Harrod’s in London. Unique pieces, like his Black Diamond Triangle Ring, are imbued with a timeless style. Known for his use of diamonds and gemstones set in 22K gold, Ram infuses his work with a history of beauty that knows no borders.

Especially in a time of quarantines and distance, jewelry remains a mark of celebration, a token of affection, a symbol of memories. Ram’s pieces are fundamentally simple. The art is in his hand: how he balances the shape of the shank with the bezel, his choice of curved or angular details, the fine or heavy touches of gold. It is through delicate design like this that we find beauty in simple living.

Uma Wang’s Pompeii: A City Full of Life

Uma Wang SS20

Uma Wang, considered one of China’s first international labels, designs elegant and romantic pieces influenced by a global connection. In her latest Pompeii-inspired line, Uma ruminates on not the nature of disaster, but how a city once full of life becomes frozen in time. Cotton and silk blend with unexpected materials like soft ramie to create a fabric reminiscent of a mottled fresco wall. Effortlessly draped tunics and dresses mark the collection with simplicity and ease of wear in mind. For Spring/Summer 2020, Uma has crafted a line that deserves to be worn while leisuring in the sun and enjoying all life has to offer.

Interior of the buildings of Pompeii, destroyed by the volcano Vesuvius. Italy.
Uma Wang's Pompeii

Everything Uma Wang creates feels deeply timeless. There is a sense of exploration and mystery in her designs that connects the wearer to a larger history of aesthetic in fashion. Uma’s boldness comes forward in unexpected ways, preferring subtlety and grace over flash. Her hues are understated and rich, complementing the fabrics without overpowering the wearer. In every way, wearing an Uma Wang feels as if you have stumbled upon a trunk washed ashore from a far away land: style hand-delivered by the fates of time.

Uma Wang's Pompeii
Uma Wang SS20

Mieko Mintz: Light & Bright

Mieko Mintz’s commitment to sustainability permeates everything she creates. From recycling vintage sari fabrics to carrying on the South Asian tradition of Kantha, Mieko is dedicated to longevity in every form. For Spring/ Summer 2020, her signature cotton kimonos and jackets are born anew in eggshell whites and cool blues. The previous life of the fabrics are distinct in their presence, delicately held together by tonal stitching throughout the garment. Whether worn as the center of an outfit or complementing other pieces, a Mieko Mintz is as ever-sustainable as it is everlasting.

Henrik Vibskov: Simultaneously Classic & Daring

Henrik Vibskov Mermaid Linen Check Coat in Off-White

Danish designer Henrik Vibskov is a creative jack-of-all-trades. From drumming to designing, everything he creates drips with innovation. For his Spring/ Summer 2020 collection, traditional patterns blend effortlessly with asymmetrical cuts and fun silhouettes for a look that is simultaneously classic and daring. Known for transforming the unconventional into everyday practicality, Henrik Vibskov’s identity blurs the line between carefree style and intellectual chic.

Rundholz Black Label SS20: Visions of Summer

In the latest delivery of Rundholz Black Label SS20, softly pleated shirts and dresses deliver visions of summer, whether in the islands or the city. Bright royal blues accent deeper cobalts, blacks and greys. The effect is sheer, delicate, layered and asymmetric without losing the recognizable strength embodied in Rundholz clothing. Above all, the fresh take on pleats nods to Japanese design and creates an unmatched flexibility in the style.

Exuberant Expressionism

Replika Scarf Texture

As Spring rekindles creativity in Santa Fe, we explored the intersection where art meets summer classics. Washed silks and cottons from Daniela Gregis and hand-painted linens from Replika add a splash of color. Paired with Peter O. Mahler’s modern-with-a-twist stretch linen pants and the elements come together for a composition fresh and creative

Replika Scarf
Left: Replika Scarf and Peter O Mahler Sweater, Right: Peter O Mahler Linen Culottes
Peter O Mahler Culottes in Black and Khaki
Left: Peter O Mahler Sweater in Grey, Right: Replika Duster
Replika Scarf Texture Paint Splatter
Left: Peter O Mahler Red Linen Culottes, Right: Peter O Mahler Cashmere Sweater
Left: Peter O Mahler Navy Sweater, Right: Cotton/ Linen Striped Pants in Navy
Peter O Mahler Linen Pants
Replika Clothing Texture
Left: Linen Patchwork Duster in Blue, Right: Peter O Mahler Stretch Linen Wide Leg Pants in Shell
Left Replika: Linen Splatter Print Drawstring Skirt in Blue, Right: Replika Linen Splatter Print Rectangle Scarf in Blue

One-of-a-Kind: Greig Porter

Greig Porter Grasshopper Turquoise Ring

To be one-of-a-kind is to have an undeniable rarity. Often, it has a central material that demands a unique and entirely specific design approach by the artist. It is unequaled, unprecedented and unlikely to be found or seen in the same form again.

Greig Porter Grasshopper Turquoise Ring

Interview with Designer Greig Porter

Can you tell us more about your Grasshopper Turquoise Ring?

Greig Porter: This particular ring has a really amazing, wonderful stone. You know, it’s one of those things. As a jeweler you have to be constantly aware when you find something really rare. You have to keep your eyes trained to recognize when you do find it. This a beautiful stone certainly, one that I haven’t seen in shape, color or matrix in my career. In cases such as these, I am fond of turquoise set in higher karat gold to set off the richness of the stone’s natural color.

Why do you design so much with Turquoise?

Greig Porter: One, I like the stone. It’s very colorful and has many variations. So it’s not like a diamond, in which there’s a difference of clarity and size but beyond that there’s not much diversity. Whereas with turquoise, it can be radically individual in color, texture and raw personality. The other reason why I like it is that I associate it with people who live close to the land, either in the Western United States or Tibet. They are in touch with the land’s cycles, how it ebbs and flows, and turquoise is a part of that. I was once at an annual parade in the town of Leh, in Ladakh. And there were just unbelievable amounts of beautiful turquoise; it was layered into the people’s hair, clothing, saddles and boots as part of who they are. Just beautiful!

Kawich Peak, Navada

What makes Grasshopper Turquoise so special?

Greig Porter: The Grasshopper Mine is in Nevada, south of Tonopah in the southern part of the state. There is a gentleman here in [Santa Fe] who has the mining rights. It’s a very small mine that was closed for 30-40 years after it was discovered. Now the amount of production is very small so it’s not a well known or widespread product. Something nice about it, of course, it has a wonderful spring green color to it that you don’t find almost anywhere else.

About Greig Porter

Greig Porter designs jewelry with a clean, classic look full of global inspiration. Greig’s compositions are perfected through his brilliant understanding of tone and color. In each design, he allows the natural power and beauty of the stone to stand alone. While his pieces are approachable and fundamentally minimal, they are always innovative in their texture and combination of colors. For over twenty years, he has been the designer with the largest following at Santa Fe Dry Goods. Greig works and paints in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Avant Toi Botanica

Avant Toi SS20

To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow.

Audrey Hepburn

Crafted using fine materials like cashmere, silk and hemp, Mirko Ghignone designed Avant Toi to capture the true beauty of fine Italian knitwear. In his Avant Toi SS20 collection, watery botanical prints evoke a secret garden; a myriad of blossoms bring the promise of a new beginning. Mirko bridges the gap between classic style and contemporary flair, creating flowy tops, lightweight sweaters and sheer scarves that wear perfectly whether you’re relaxing at home or out under the sun.

Avant Toi SS20, Green Silk Floral Shirt
Green Avant Toi, left: Cashmere/ Silk Sweater, right: Silk Floral Blouse in Smeraldo
Green Avant Toi, left: Silk Floral Tapestry Top, right: Silk Oversized Floral Blouse in Smeraldo
Avant Toi Silk Blouse Texture
Yellow Avant Toi Floral Blouse in Gold
Avant Toi ss20, left: Silk Floral Tapestry Duster in Greige, right: Linen Knit Long Top in Nero/ Melograno
Avant Toi ss20: Cashmere/ Silk Printed Back V-Neck Sweater in Nero/ Melograno/ Seashell, right: Silk Oversized Floral Blouse in Grey
Avant Toi ss20, left: Cashmere/Silk Floral Tapestry Cardigan in Marmo, right: Short Sleeve Tee in Nero/ Melograno
Avant Toi Silk Camouflage Top in Marmo
Avant Toi Silk Print Texture
Avant Toi Silk Floral Tapestry Top in Denim Blue
Blue Avant Toi, left and right: Cashmere/ Silk Printed Back V-Neck Sweater in Nero/ Turchese/ Lace
Blue Avant Toi, left: Hemp Embroidered Jacket in Nero/ Denim, right: Micromodal Short Sleeve Tee in Denim

Mieko Mintz: Rekindling a Free Spirit

A red, pink and lavender purple Mieko Mintz scarf with a Gilda Midani top and Miranda Hicks jewelry.

Change has rekindled a free spirit. Pushing through creative boundaries we mix Kyushu-born Mieko Mintz with Taos jewelry designer Miranda Hicks and layer it over Brazilian hand-dyed Gilda Midani linens. The mix is part bohemian, part edgy. This feeling tied in with a reemergence of the natural world and the attitude insisting on a new, better state of being. Explore a global blend from three inspiring women designers whose work is relevant around the world.

Mieko Mintz Jackets in Red and Black
Mieko Mintz Jackets in Red and Black

“As a pianist uses a piano to compose beautiful music, so does Mieko use Kantha to compose beautiful clothing.”

Purple and Red Floral Mieko Mintz scarf with Navy Blue Gilda Midani and Miranda Hicks Jewelry
Blue and Green Mieko Mintz Jacket and Scarf
Blue and Turquoise Mieko Mintz Jacket and Scarf with Gilda Midani and Officine Creative
Magenta Pink and Purple Mieko Mintz scarf with Gilda Midani
Pink and Red Mieko Mintz Jacket and Kimono
Red and Orange Mieko Mintz Jackets

Miranda Hicks

Miranda Hicks exemplifies contemporary American jewelry. Hailing from Taos, New Mexico, Miranda has long been inspired by the history of Native American jewelry and Southwest silversmithing embedded in the community there. From her integration of raw materials to handmade chains, her work has been lauded by women from all walks of life. Miranda crafts exceptionally bohemian pieces that function well on their own or layered for a more free-spirited look.

A t-o-o-g-o-o-d State of Mind

too good ss20

London sisters Erica and Faye Toogood understand poise as deeply as they understand the comfort of a pure fabric. In their most recent Spring collection, smooth cottons in bold cobalt, subtle flint, and calming powder blue manifest an unmatched confidence in the wearer. Erica and Faye approach their work obliquely, creating their intellectual yet grounded line with a certain amount of passion, poetry and aesthetic honesty brought to every piece.

too good ss20
toogood ss20, left: Silk Brushstrokes Writer Top in Chalk, right: Fine Cotton Poet Dress in Flint
toogood, left: Sandwashed Milkman Shirt in Chalk, right: Silk Organza Editor Jacket in Flint
toogood dress
toogood, left: Boxer Trousers in Butter, right: Fine Cotton Short Gardener Shirt in Flint
toogood, left: Fine Cotton Draughtsman Shirt in Flint, right: Ramie/Linen Editor Trouser in Soot
too good spring summer 2020
toogood, Cotton Poplin Boxer Trousers in Cobalt
toogood, left: Fine Cotton Writer Top in Cobalt, right: Cotton Poplin Draughtsman Shirt in Powder
toogood, left: Cotton Poplin Draughtsman Shirt in Cobalt, right: Fine Cotton Short Gardener Shirt in Cobalt
toogood, Cotton Poplin Draughtsman Shirt in Chalk

too good ss20

A Toogood state of mind exemplifies the close connection between the intent of the maker and the use of the wearer. Kaval utilizes old machinery and recycled kimono cloth to drive a human touch into their garments, reminding the wearer of traditional Japanese dress that becomes at one with the person to whom the item belongs. Aboubakar Fofana intends for the wearer to feel how his work is derived from the earth’s natural processes. The wearer becomes connected to “Living Blue” and the earth’s natural creation of indigo dye.

Danny Kaplan’s passion for ceramics was shaped by early exposure to the traditional pottery of Aix-en-Provence, France. His sophisticated yet simple ceramics are inspired by the light colors and organic textures found in his surroundings. From decoration to serveware, Kaplan’s work is the quintessential combination of beauty and utility.

New Trippen Shoes Online

New Fall/Winter pieces from Trippen is now up on our website! Soles ranges in the happy, splitt and the geisha sole.


Shop New Trippen

Sabina Savage | New Pieces Online

New and beautiful pieces from Sabina Savage is now up and live on our website! This Persian Pandemonium collection references the art and artifacts of ancient Persia, drawing on the rich, jewel-like color palettes, the intricate details and the beautiful craftsmanship of the region.

Shop New Sabina Savage

Black Diamonds: Interstellar Origins

Historically, black diamonds were held in low regard. This changed during the late 20th century when designers began including them in work where they were complemented by tiny colorless diamonds in pavé settings. Their popularity has continued to rise as black diamonds have become incorporated into many engagement rings and necklaces.

Black diamonds take different forms, from those that are man-made to those that are naturally colored. As with any stone, those that occur naturally are among the most prized. Black diamonds are also known by their moniker “fancy diamonds”. A contrast to the refined qualities the name suggests, these diamonds become darkly colored due to the number of inclusions they contain. These inclusions allow traces of graphite, pyrite, and even hematite to become attached during the formation process. This means that a single black diamond is often made up of many smaller black crystals that are bound by their inclusions, creating a polycrystalline structure. Depending on the number of inclusions, the body color of a natural black diamond can be nearly colorless, to brown and even olive green.

Naturally colored black diamonds are often completely opaque, with a high luster that gives the stones a nearly metallic appearance. Because these stones have a high concentration of inclusions, cutting and polishing them can be difficult. This makes the cut of each diamond all the more special and labor-intensive as they must be set with great care. And because they are often so dark, they absorb more light than they reflect, so much of their beauty stems from their surface which is polished like marble.

Natural black diamond deposits are also rare. Currently, they can only be found in Central Africa and Brazil, making genuine natural black diamonds more difficult to source. Although it may sound like a far-fetched explanation, folklore states that black diamonds came from space on an asteroid that fell to earth millions of years ago. According to scientists at the Natural Science Foundation, this may be accurate because South America and Africa were once a single landmass. This would support the theory that an asteroid brought black diamonds to earth and is the reason why they are found in such concentrated areas, making them an interstellar rarity.

Karen Melfi: Jewelry Trunk Show


JULY 26TH & 27TH 1PM-5PM

Join us in welcoming Santa Fe artist, Karen Melfi, to Santa Fe Dry Goods. Karen specializes in naturally colored diamonds that are polished, cubed, faceted and set with 18 and 22K gold. Her dynamic artistry is greatly inspired by the elegant lines of Japanese design and artifacts from around the world – Tibet, China and North Africa. These various elements are combined to create a handcrafted opulence that can be worn daily.


Karen Melfi has been living and creating in Santa Fe for nearly thirty years. She began selling her collection at her eponymous gallery on Canyon Road and in the years since has become renowned nationally for her work. She recently closed her gallery to devote herself to further developing her collection, which is currently being sold exclusively at Santa Fe Dry Goods.


I Pezzi Dipinti: Trunk Show

Cathryn Collins is the designer behind I Pezzi Dipinti, a brand dedicated to creating clothing with help from artisans around the world. Her line of cashmere knitwear and textiles are testaments to the handiwork of individuals from Italy to India.


Collins created I Pezzi Dipinti in 1988. The name itself means “painted pieces” in Italian, and the first iteration of her business surrounded painted pieces of furniture. She had previously worked for Knoll furniture on marketing and product development. During that time she became obsessed with artisanal furniture production and eventually met a family that had been restoring painted 15th – 17th-century furniture. She later worked with artisans in Nepal to create textiles, and eventually creators in Umbria, Italy, to produce cashmere knitwear.

The reason her designs are crafted in so many locations is due to the fact she built her business around her love of traveling and love for the locations the artisans she works with.  Many of her textiles are made in India, from Kashmir to Bangladesh, through dozens of individuals who are spinning, weaving, embroidering and tie-dying these authentic pieces. Working with the most talented artisans, I Pezzi Dipinti also produces cashmere knitwear in Italy, and most recently, bespoke furs in New York. A mix of elevated craftsmanship and forward-thinking is what has created such strong designs.

Despite the success of Cathryn’s work, I Pezzi Dipinti is only available through trunk shows in New York, London, Jackson Hole and Aspen, and now, Santa Fe. The brand is a favorite of those who prefer under-the-radar finds. Please join us in welcoming Cathryn Collins for a trunk show on July 26th and 27th, 2019.

New Sacai Online

New pieces from Sacai are now online in styles of asymmetrical tops, denim/ sheer panel & ruffle top, satin printed palazzo pants and hooded multi-fabric knit jacket.

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Daniela Gregis | New Pieces Online

New pieces from Daniela Gregis are now online in vibrant colors of electric blue, blue and orange flowers, blue and red flowers, and fuschia.

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New Monies Now Online

Beautiful pieces form Monies are now online. These pieces feature Carnelia, Lapis, Moutain Crystals, Turquoise, and Rutilated Quartz.

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New Mieko Mintz Online

New jackets from Mieko Mintz is now online in styles of the opera a-line jacket, bell shape jacket, drape collar jacket and bara Kantha jacket.


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Campomaggi New Online

New pieces from Campomaggi are now online in styles of the shopping tote, crossbody, and the small studded bowling bag.


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Golden Goose | New Online

New Superstar Sneakers from Golden Goose are now online! New pieces are in colors of Blue/Ice, White/Gold, and Camouflage Superstar Sneakers in Coffee.

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New: Campomaggi

New Campomaggi styles are available online and in-store at Workshop. Rustic, edgy, and with a soulful earthiness worked into the leather, Campomaggi balances distinct characteristics into each bag. This ability makes each one instantly personal. Still, they retain classic lines that give a utilitarian and uncomplicated structure to each. This season they introduced some new smaller shapes that boast of outstanding tooling and detail. But, the buttery texture is what left us breathless.

New: Bertozzi

New Bertozzi now available online and in-store! This delivery features bright yellow, pink, and blue plates and bowls. New tablecloths and napkins are also now available, all of which are woodblock printed by hand. There are some familiar floral prints that are in stock in a variety of napkin types, as well as new fish prints stamped on napkins and bowls.

New: Mieko Mintz Online

New Mieko Mintz styles have been added online and in-store! With one-of-a-kind kantha stitching, each of her jackets fuses traditional Indian handcraft with sophisticated and contemporary Japanese designs. This shipment showcases multiple styles.

In honor of Folk Art Market, there will soon be an online Mieko Mintz trunk show for those who cannot make it to Santa Fe during the Folk Art Market weekend. Here, Mieko will be debuting her Shibori “Opera” coat that has been a year in the making.