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Linda Ouhbi

Paris, France

Born in Casablanca and currently living in France, Linda Ouhbi creates her stoneware pieces using a hand coiling technique. This ancestral process necessitates slow construction and permits the development of a relationship with each piece. Throughout the quest for a fragile balance during creation there begins a dialogue that influences the shapes that emerge.

Linda approaches her field as a lifestyle—the pursuit of an essential, primordial state—a quest for simplicity. Moved by the rare subtlety of prehistoric works and inspired by the creations of the first people, Linda creates pieces that question the ideas of function and utility, but above all, the notion of time and progress. Her pieces contain an earthy, used feeling, in part from the construction and in part from the glazes Linda developed through years of research. Blends of minerals, metal oxides and rocks give her enamel glaze recipes a patina finish. Each piece holds the traces of a unique emotional quality, an intimate premise that comes from within.

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