Maison de Vacances is a French family company founded by Michèle Fouks in 1995. With a vision ahead of its time, the company began as a tiny shop nestled in the heart of Paris near the Palais Royal gardens. The Maison de Vacances style is for anyone who likes to play with colors without giving up the virtues of the materials: natural linen, cashmere, wool, cotton and velvet. Today Maison de Vacances has grown tremendously into a brand that puts its customers first, practices ethical responsibility and has a timeless vision for the unique and modern home.

Michèle's daughter Emmanuelle has been running the company with partner Nicolas Mauriac since 2000. They’ve embraced the motto to “dress your house as you like to dress,” with the idea that their high-quality products have a direct connection to personal style and not fleeting trends. Maison de Vacances deliberately eschews the cycle of fast production, manufacturing as much as possible primarily in France, secondarily in other European countries. They prioritize excellence and will not follow any form of production that degrades ethics in favor of price. It is the principal of the matter for Maison de Vacances: if each product reflects a lifestyle, it also hides a mode of production and a relationship to the world. The beauty of an object is first in its history. Beyond a question of ethics is also a question of style. Being able to manufacture small runs while maintaining constant quality and craftsmanship remains the best way to preserve a true freedom of creation and to offer a real choice to customers. They refuse to participate in a system in which cost optimizations and the frenetic search for profitability define the collections.

The strength of Maison de Vacances lies in finding the right balance between the necessary and the superfluous, between the soul of the old and the body of the novelty, so that each new collection extends the previous. The balance of charm and luxury in their products shows a love of simplicity in life through exuberant color and universally comforting textures.