Disa Allsopp
Disa Allsopp
disa_allsopp2_0004_GR721 Citrine gold ring large £2000
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Disa Allsopp

London, England

London born, Barbadian raised Disa Allsopp creates stunning pieces inspired by the ancient jewelry of the Etruscan, Egyptian, Greek and Roman civilizations. White and colored diamonds are set on unique bands while rough and rare cut gemstones make Disa’s work contemporary and current, maintaining a timeless charm.

Disa holds Jewelry degrees from both Middlesex University and Edinburgh College of Art & Design in the United Kingdom. After her education, she set up her first studio in Barbados, then moved back to London in 1996 to expand her business. Today each piece is individually handmade in her London studio.

Disa’s time spent in Barbados and traveling to East Africa can be seen in her use of golden citrines, warm garnets, rubies, sapphires and morganite gemstones. She uses the traditional techniques of forging, reticulation and patination to give the 18K gold and sterling silver unique finishes. A large percentage of the metal used by Disa is recycled and she can provide Certified Diamonds on request. Her metal work is reflective, intricate and organic with a personality that radiates an absolutely singular beauty.

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