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Tochigi, Japan

Japanese arthouse Kaval was founded in 2013. Their collections are an intimate showcase of true artisanal handcraft honoring the textile traditions of Japan while bringing modern wearers peace, ease and comfort through dressing. With Kaval, thoughtful and beautiful design meant for everyday wear is mixed with the time-honored craft of creating one-of-a-kind pieces.

Every piece is manufactured at Kaval’s small factory based in Tochigi, Japan, where they weave and dye their own fabric. Kaval has mastered the use of ancestral Japanese indigo to dye and create pieces with a true artisanal artistry. They sew each piece entirely by hand from start to finish using antique sewing machines that give the garments an aesthetic new machines cannot. Only hand-painted, traditional, locally made Mashiko ceramic buttons are used. Kaval also makes items out of 200 year old kimonos that are skillfully deconstructed and remade into pieces meant to be cherished for a lifetime.

Through supporting local craftsmen, Kaval is keeping the textile traditions of Japan alive while ensuring a future for the next generation of genuine artisans.

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