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South Tyrol, Italy

Bergfabel, a portmanteau of the German for “mountain” and “folktale,” is a label weaving the story of South Tyrol. This well-kept secret, tucked among the Alps where Austria and Northern Italy meet, is something out of a fairytale – crystalline lakes, quaint villages and a rolling green landscape that stretches for miles. Wandering these hills since childhood, designer Klaus Plank and his partner, Barbara, have distilled his life in South Tyrol into a line of clothing fit for those who wish to wander as well. 

Klaus’s approach is undeniably modern, informed by decades of tweaking and testing the designs. However, his handwoven fabrics and careful attention to finish speaks to classical influence. Throughout Bergfabel, Klaus strives for a temporal connection, wherein each piece is wholly informed by the best things of a favorite heirloom – natural colors, pure materials and well-cut silhouettes. 

This delightful tension between modernity and heritage trickles down to the smallest details – such as hand-written paper tags, with the style and size scribbled in pen, to the delicately tied lavender sachets that hang from each garment. The latter is inspired by Klaus’s mother, who hung similar pouches in her closet. Today, her home garden supplies the lavender for each piece. Klaus refers to this inclusion as a “gift” for the wearer – a little piece of South Tyrol to inspire the wanderer in us all. 

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