Aneeth Arora Pero
Aneeth Arora Pero
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New Delhi, India

Traditional Indian textiles and handmade artistry are combined with contemporary international fashion in Aneeth Arora’s line, Péro. Since its launch in 2009, Péro has produced feminine and whimsical designs with a distinctive Indian perspective. A trendsetter in the creation of timeless, intricate and uniquely beautiful pieces, Péro is about the connection with people, radiating a sense that we all have a unique history while simultaneously existing in a multicultural world.

Aneeth Arora is one of India’s most acclaimed clothing designers, influencing future designers to revive a struggling industry by employing artisans throughout India. Aneeth has won numerous honors in the field, such as the British Council’s’ Young Creative Fashion Entrepreneur in 2011 and Vogue India’s first-ever Fashion Fund Award in 2012. A tom-boy in her youth with an overabundance of creativity, she strives to balance fashion with tradition, making everyday dressing fun. Aneeth leaves her mark on the industry as an innovative designer with an unparalleled approach to mixing traditional style and heirloom fabrics with a modern yet whimsical aesthetic.

Extreme care is taken in every step of the Péro production process. All fabrics in the collection are hand-loomed and dyed by artisans throughout India who specialize in particular techniques. Every item passes through the hands of at least a half dozen craftspeople before its completion. Comfortable shapes have an effortless style, giving the wearer freedom to move, work and fully enjoy a dynamic life. All of Péro’s garments have a full fluidity that create a sense of security and ease, that enchants without effort.

By focusing on the details and the feeling of her home as inspiration, Aneeth Arora is bringing the world a perspective on India it has never seen before. In the quirky, elaborate details, you see a distinct personality emerge, not only of the designer, but also of the hands that made it, along with the cultures and histories that influenced the aesthetic.

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