Fashion has been in the heart and mind of Ümit Ünal from an early age. Born in Istanbul, Turkey, he grew up observing and working in his family’s atelier. He later refined his style, process, and influences through his fashion, archaeology, and art history education.

He began his own label in 1992 in Istanbul, where he continues to create darkly romantic, rebellious, and artful collections with an intimate team of family and talented artisans. He continuously explores big concepts while achieving results that are both casual and intellectual. Natural fabrics are dyed in his signature monochromatic palette, along with bountiful detailed handiwork—such as the stitching around the pockets and lapels, and the intentional, textural crumpling of fabrics.

Ünal designs freely, and while inspired by his past, he creates for the future. Unconcerned with trends cycling through the fashion industry, he instead considers silhouettes of the everyday. When viewing his work, one can see the influence of pastoral themes, androgyny, and alternative lifestyles that he often references. Ünal filters his observations of the world through his collections, in a persistent search for sincerity and the ultimate goal of universality.