Sabina Savage

Como, Italy

Sabina Savage launched her eponymous, luxury scarf brand in 2013, offering heritage inspired elaborate prints on exquisite fabrics. Each scarf is expertly designed in London then produced to the highest quality and skillfully hand-edged by the renowned artisans of Como, Italy.

Sabina takes inspiration from all over the world. She creates extraordinary narratives that tell imaginative and detailed stories about the lives of animals both great and small. Sabina’s scarves are an embodiment of her lifelong passion and connection to nature, animals and the cycle of life. The scarves are printed from her deeply textured, kaleidoscopic drawings. The designs embrace mythology to exude an effortlessly mysterious and exotic style.

The illustrations are drawn to full scale, typically on a 1.5 meter square, at Sabina Savage’s studio. This allows for the immense detail that has become Sabina’s trademark. Each piece takes between 4-5 weeks to draw, and a full collection takes 6 months to illustrate. Millions of tiny pencil strokes bring each portrait to life. The detailed and multifaceted illustrations are carefully engineered around the space to create a unique scarf with a signature aesthetic.

All the production is done in Como, Italy, one of the silk capitals of the world. The scarves are made from exquisite fabrics of silk, wool and cashmere, and each is hand finished with either fringed or rolled edges. It is the finish of the outstanding weave of the scarf that gives it the final touch of beauty. Every scarf is produced by skilled Italian craftsmen with as much care and detail as it was designed by Sabina.

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