The purest alpine waters of Biella, Italy, are believed to create cashmere with an unsurpassed softness, attracting luxury cashmere makers from all over the world to this small town nestled in the Italian Alps. Alonpi Cashmere has worked for generations in Biella, their long history allowing them to press the boundaries of design and dyeing.

The Cignolini Family factory that produces for Alonpi and many other luxury brands started manufacturing in 1948. From the dyeing of the precious cashmere to the handmade finishing touches, each Alonpi piece showcases the mastery of skilled Italian artisans. Only the finest Mongolian cashmere fibers are used and each piece is handcrafted.

Alfredo Magliola and Gian Pietro (Piero) Tonel are the creative driving forces behind Alonpi. The founders share a passion and expertise in the field of cashmere. Alonpi is the result of their aesthetic dedication to the world of Art and Fashion. After years of thorough research and technical mastery, Alonpi developed a proprietary technology that enables them to apply rich, saturated color simultaneously to both sides of their scarves and shawls, in different motifs.

As the only people in the world with this capability to print on both sides of the cashmere, Piero and Alfredo are in a league of their own. The scarves, shawls, ponchos, throws and blankets are testimonies of the technical expertise and craftsmanship of Alonpi. They have combined beauty and brains to create the softest, textural and visually dynamic shawls and scarves available.