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Astier de Villatte

Paris, France

A collection of coveted ceramic curiosities, Astier de Villatte embraces both quirky details and one of a kind beauty. They are uniquely French, eschewing the push for machine manicured perfection in modern ceramic. Instead they celebrate the oddities and impurities inherent in the handmade, highlighted through their signature milky white glaze. 

Founders Benoît Astier de Villatte and Ivan Pericoli have designed home goods since 1996, after meeting while attending the École des Beaux-Arts. Located in Paris’ 1st arrondissement, the original Astier de Villatte storefront is located in an antique workshop historically home to Napoleon Bonaparte’s silversmith. They succeed Parisian ceramics manufacturers, such as the illustrious Pont-aux-Choux, and now are the only major studio keeping the traditions of artisanal earthenware production alive within the City of Light. 

Benoit and Ivan’s team consists mostly of monastically trained Tibetans expert in the craft.  Their reinterpretation of techniques and aesthetics from the past allows them to imbue each piece with a modern sensibility and composition, curated like no other.

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