Artist and designer Tovi Farber launched her jewelry brand based on her steadfast love for materials and consistencies, the power embedded in them and the opportunity they offer to create endless combinations with magnificent jewels.

Tovi is an Israeli jeweler based in Tel Aviv. Each piece of her unique jewelry tells a distinct story through diverging and contrasting textures, intensities and dimensions, bringing forth Tovi’s own creative inner-journey into a tangible piece of art.

18K Gold is the main element used in every collection, with white and black diamonds and colorful semi-precious stones complementing and fine-tuning the story expressed in every piece. Tovi believes each jewel is destined for a particular woman, drawing inspiration from how a particular stone can complement the individual stories and experiences of women.

Her workmanship is based on a worldview where textures, structures, contrasts and intensities come together to create unique and exceptional pieces of distinctly styled jewels. Tovi deems the process to be a magical progression into the unknown, where ultimately a new piece of jewelry is created as a singular personal statement. She consistently creates jewelry that has the ability to empower women with a sense of individual style, making her collections universally accessible.

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