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Designers who are redefining traditional notions of fashion

2023 - ATA

Contemporary Antique

2023 - Gilda Midani

Earthly Elements

2023 - Avant Toi

Cashmere Jewel Tones

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Masnada is the result of Angelo Iannello’s extensive study of shapes and the multiple identities they can become, combined with a profound love for experimentation and research. Founded in 2007, the line began with Angelo’s desire to transmit emotion through the use of beautiful materials and sensual designs. For Masnada, clothing is viewed as a work of art and created as such with exclusive fabrics and meticulously precise Italian tailoring.

2023 - Curtain Call

Avant Toi

For Avant Toi, color is central not just to the way we dress, but to our perception of the world. It’s a powerful tool to influence the mind, spark creativity and serve as a wellspring of inspiration. With each piece they design, their straightforward cashmere and silk silhouettes act as a blank canvas upon which they splash their paint box of dyes– ranging from deep black to vibrant pink, depending on how designer Mirko Ghignone’s wishes to influence the world.

2023 - Gilda Blue

Gilda Midani

Floating amongst the currents of Gilda’s Blue Row is a feeling of vastness. The pattern sweeps in two directions, revealing space in the middle of the garment – simultaneously a wink and a dismissal of nature’s symmetry. We are awed not only by how incredibly difficult these dyes are to perfect, or how soft the textiles feel against skin… but by how a wash of blue across cotton can immediately transport us to a shore after dusk. The ability to do all these things, with such clear pleasure in doing so… therein lies the power of Gilda and her work.

2023 - Uma Runway FW23



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