2023 – Uma Wang


Designers who are redefining traditional notions of fashion

2023 – ATA

Contemporary Antique

2023 – Gilda Midani

Earthly Elements

2023 – Avant Toi

Cashmere Jewel Tones

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Featured Designer


Masnada is aimed at those who love freedom, who are not afraid of breaking preconceived molds. Each garment from a Masnada collection is timeless, created in elegant fabrics with soft-hued colors of nature and modern, expert tailoring. The sensation of wearing Masnada becomes an inspiration for both the person wearing the piece and the people they encounter.

2023 – Gilda Blue
Delve Deeper
Avant Toi
Featured Designer

Uma Wang

Chinese designer Uma Wang creates rich, bold and internationally beloved clothing. Considered one of China’s first global labels, she transforms her inspirations from around the world into elegant fabrics and sophisticated shapes. The results are edgy collections radiating global originality.

Featured JEWELRY

The Rugged and the Refined

A romantic, sophisticated celebration of natural elements.

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Organic in Spirit

Dance with Sia Taylor’s delicate handiwork.

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Multifaceted Elegance

Explore mixed-metal jewelry.

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2023 – Curtain Call
Summer Expeditions
Adventure Awaits

Featured Collections

Ellis Mhairi Cameron

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Antique-Inspired Textiles

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Things We’re Loving

Culture of Craft

Dive into Cottle’s historic indigo dye

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One-of-a-kind Persian Patchwork.

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Japandi Craftsmanship

Swedish style meets Japanese 

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Featured Designer

Rundholz Dip

German brand Rundholz is world-renowned for creating fashion that combines innovative designs, unconventional details and experimental fabric treatments for a distinctly independent look.The husband and wife duo behind the company, Carsten and Lenka Rundholz, work together to create fashion forward and intellectual clothing. 

Featured Designer


Not concerned with breaking the rules, Sacai is known for its unconventional combinations of patterns, giving garments different “coming” and “going” aesthetics and turning the known into the fantastical

2024 – Officine Creative



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