Fantasy, Femininity and Fire have been driving themes behind Lainey Keogh's collection since it launched in London on the runway in 1997. Lainey’s sweaters take inspirations from Celtic heritage and the personalities of different people. Each piece is hand knit in Ireland using Italian cashmere and custom environmentally friendly dyes. Staying true to the foundation of the brand, sweaters are individually artisan crafted.

Lainey Keogh was born and raised in the wild Irish countryside, one of ten children from a third generation farming family. Knitting was part of her heritage and sensibility, a craft deeply ingrained from childhood, her skills inherited from her mother and grandmother. The namesake brand was conceived when Lainey knit a sweater for her then-boyfriend, record producer Steve Lillywhite; soon after everyone wanted a tactile, sensual Lainey Keogh sweater.

After a fast life of high fashion, including collaborations with Dior and Galliano, Lainey changed course. In the early 2000s, she decided to focus on ethically sourced natural fibers and dyes and exclude synthetics and chemicals from her work. She also committed herself to preserving traditional Irish weaving and knitting techniques by insisting that her clothes be handmade by local individuals.

Today she is the undisputed queen of cashmere, a spinner of dreams, known both at home and abroad for pushing the boundaries of knit and fiber design creatively and technically and whose billowing cardigans, sexy and voluptuous goddess dresses, and color loaded sweaters have changed forever the image of Irish knitwear. Each piece she creates is luxurious and sensual with "feel appeal" that has won her many fans worldwide.