Avant Toi
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Avant Toi

Genoa, Italy

Avant Toi sits at the cutting edge of luxury knitwear. Forward-thinking, innovative and extraordinary, they have revolutionized classical cashmere into an aesthetic urban and avant-garde without sacrificing the material’s inherent elegance. Their superior quality knits are shredded, painted and spattered to create Avant Toi’s signature juxtaposition of grunge and luxe. 

Founded in 1994 by Liapull Cashmere, Avant Toi flouts stylistic standards and instead gives life to innovative and experimental techniques. Today it is led by artistic director Mirko Ghignone, who continually manipulates the boundaries of luxury cashmere, silk and linen. Pieces are smoked, torn, destroyed, blended and air-brushed to become new creations that are refined, yet provoking. Mirko’s originality blends distinctive character and custom colorways that emphasize the texture and beauty of each knit. 

By creating collections alive with contradiction, Avant Toi has perfected a broad empirical language that resonates with many. A true creative, Mirko finds inspiration for the pieces in fine art. His uncanny eye for color is only surpassed by his profound love for it, imbuing the heart of Avant Toi with an emotional potency only found in a storied palette.

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