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    Santa Fe Dry Goods

    Santa Fe Dry Goods showcases leading designers who draw inspiration from historical fabrication and design techniques to create their evocative, modern collections.

    Santa Fe Dry Goods facilitates a freedom of emotion and intellect through artful combinations of color, texture and form. Founded in 1989 by Greig and Helga Porter, the company’s aesthetics are rooted in an exploration of old and new, local and global, complex and simple. In 2008, Greig and Helga’s daughter, Shobhan, purchased the business and brought forward a resolute global perspective on beauty and craft that permeates every aspect of the business today.

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    Opened in 2013, Workshop represents up-and-coming global designers who are redefining the traditional notions of fashion. Shobhan opened this avant-garde space next to our flagship, Santa Fe Dry Goods, with a drive to explore the unconventional styles she encountered while traveling in Europe.

    The aesthetic heartbeat of Workshop spurs from Shobhan’s family background in world travel, antiques and handicraft. International friendship is also a central paradigm; bringing this mode of art and creativity to our beloved Santa Fe is a joyous long-term commitment where connectivity and passion is key.

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    Wild Life

    Wild Life came forth as our third storefront on the Santa Fe Plaza in 2018. It is dedicated to beautifully crafted goods for the home. Each item is made by hand, with combinations of antique materials, handmade glazes and sustainable making processes that honor the environment.

    We look to nature as a source of materials: natural dyes, wood, mud, cotton, linen, and cashmere are all crafted into today’s most simple and luxurious products for the modern home.

    Visually the store draws inspiration from culturally diverse areas of the world. We aim to connect people with beautiful, rare items that add delight and individuality to living.

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