Jewelry designer Greig Porter is a dynamic creator of beautiful things. The elements of his designs unify style and concept with practicality and beauty. He possesses a keen mind for construction and his creative exploration knows no boundaries. Undoubtedly, this balance allows Greig to seamlessly marry contrasting aesthetics.

Entirely self-taught in his artistic outlets, Greig is firmly rooted in the fundamentals of artisanship. As a young journalism graduate, Greig forged an international path for himself and left his small hometown in Arkansas to settle in Kathmandu, Nepal, as a Peace Corps volunteer. This experience led him to pursue a masters degree from UC Davis in Cultural Anthropology. He spent years traveling and living in different countries around the world, during which time he witnessed the crafting of exquisite folk arts from every continent, deeply influencing his own artistic endeavors. Greig eventually returned to the U.S., where he has called Santa Fe home since 1979.

Greig’s compositions are perfected through his brilliant understanding of tone and color. In each design, he allows the natural power and beauty of the stone to stand alone. While his pieces are approachable and fundamentally minimal, they are always innovative in their texture and combination of colors. Ultimately, Greig has the ability to create a fascinating world with his one-of-a-kind pieces where his globally informed presentation sits in the palm of your hand.