Campomaggi is an exceptionally thoughtful company creating leather bags with an unparalleled quality of craftsmanship and individuality. Elaborate riveting mixed with equestrian influences create a composition unique to Campomaggi. The bags have a certain amount of aesthetic honesty to them with their clean, classic lines that give a utilitarian and uncomplicated structure. Beautiful stitching contains sturdy yet pliable leather that will last you a lifetime.

Marco Campomaggi, the founder of the brand, officially created the company in 2000 in Cesena, Italy. Marco himself was born in Teodorano, a small town outside of Cesena. At age 19, he started to make his first bags and realized he had a great talent and passion for the endeavor. Marco poured his life’s focus into developing his skills and techniques for shaping leather into bags, which led him to develop the internationally renowned brand now known as Campomaggi.

Marco’s mission is to create handcrafted leather bags that are true to the tradition of Italian craftsmanship. Today, all of the production of the company is still done in Cesena and each bag is made entirely by hand. For Marco, this is not just a matter of quality, it is about bringing personality and soul into each bag. Campomaggi uses only vegetable tannin to dye the bags and carefully chooses the finest full-grain cowhide leather from the best tanneries in Tuscany.

Driven by the idea of creating bags and accessories that mirror his philosophy, Marco Campomaggi thinks, dreams and designs collections which combine the ancient art of treating leather with creativity, precision and painstaking care in craftsmanship. Rustic, edgy and with a soulful earthiness worked into the leather, Campomaggi balances distinct characteristics into each bag, making each one instantly personal. Each Campomaggi bag tells a story. What is yours?