German brand Rundholz is world-renowned for creating fashion that combines innovative designs, unconventional details and experimental fabric treatments for a distinctly independent look. The husband and wife duo behind the company, Carsten and Lenka Rundholz, work together in a focused and steadfast manner to present their singular and inspirational style every season.

Lenka started in the industry as a display and visual artist while Carsten’s background is in graphic design. Together they push the known boundaries of what feminine style can be. The Rundholz brand emerged over twenty year ago when Carsten began designing garments to reflect Lenka’s personal taste and strength. He wanted to create clothing that would capture her artistic aura, tenacity and absolute uniqueness.

Today, Lenka and Carsten design out of a modernized 200-year-old farmhouse in the Lower Rhine region of Germany. Every morning Carsten wakes up with a new idea, or five or twenty. Lenka directs all of this creative force into reality, and together they balance each other to produce six womenswear collections a year. Forever his muse, it’s very important to Carsten that Lenka gives her approval for the design of each piece before it goes into production.

Carsten and Lenka have the keen ability to excel at both form and function. With advanced construction techniques and luxurious fabrications, they create fashion forward and intellectual clothing. Shapes cross from edgy to feminine, artful to sporty. Silhouettes are generally slimmer to the body with an emphasis on subtle textural details including pleating, folded fabric, heathered knits and repeating stitch details.

From the beginning, Carsten has been profoundly committed to individuality and inventiveness in his designs. The Rundholz look is cool without being austere; there is a warmth and simplicity to the clothing that makes even the most avant-garde designs feel accessible and human. What most sets Carsten’s work apart is the artistry and expression in each piece that points to a progressive vision of women, beauty and everyday life.

Developed in 2004, Rundholz Dip originated through a collaboration with Japanese dye artists who worked with Carsten to push the boundaries of the dyeing processes. Dip emphasizes highly unconventional dyeing techniques and treatments through the application of paints, waxes and specialty dyes to deliver a one of a kind feeling to each garment. As Dip has evolved, Carsten took this effort in-house, conducting his experiments in large glass cylinders that can be seen throughout his studio. Dip focuses on stunning custom colors created by hand-dyeing, creating a look that is ornate, original and awe-inspiring.