Designer Monica Rusconi and her siblings have been creating clothes for living for two decades, clothes with the softest touch and an unmatched ease of movement. The company believes clothing should come second to the personality of the wearer and facilitate a simple act: the enjoyment of living with others and with nature.

Monica began Album Di Famiglia in 2000 with collections for unisex, women’s and babies clothing. The brand soon became a family affair as Monica’s sister Patrizia and then brother Giovanni joined her endeavor. Their entire design concept is centered around simplicity. The family creates pure and refined avant-garde shapes, meant to accompany the wearer throughout all aspects of life, allowing a certain ease in dressing.

Each garment is designed, cut and sewn in their workshop in the town of Lomazzo, Italy. Using natural materials like cotton, wool and alpaca, their garments are made to last, to live in and to be loved.