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Album di Famiglia

Lomazzo, Italy

Nestled in the picturesque streets of Lomazzo, Italy, designer Monica Rusconi and her siblings have spent the last two decades crafting beautiful, easy clothing. Their philosophy is as gently simple as their designs: that clothing should facilitate the enjoyment of living with others and with nature.

Monica began Album di Famiglia in 2000 with primarily unisex, women’s and babies’ collections. The brand blossomed into a family affair as Monica’s sister, Patrizia, and brother, Giovanni, came on board. Together they create pure and refined shapes, with a light avant-garde touch. Their pieces are intended to accompany the wearer through all aspects of life. 

Notes of Album di Famiglia’s roots in unisex and babies’ clothing peek through their aesthetic in sophisticated ways, such as delicate snap closures, cloud-like cotton knits and androgynous cuts that flatter a variety of forms. Each garment is made from natural materials like cotton, wool and alpaca, designed to last, to live in and be loved.

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