Cashmere Suede Megeve Mule Slippers in Dark Brown



Grey Dark Brown

Product Details

Alonpi Suede Megeve Mule Slippers in Brown

• Mule Style Slip-On Shoes
• Backless
• Square Toe
• Cashmere Interior
• Decorative Light Beige Stitching
• Made Exclusively for Santa Fe Dry Goods

The purest alpine waters in the town Biella, has attracted luxury cashmere makers from all over the world because the waters are said to create cashmere with unsurpassed softness. Only the finest Mongolian cashmere fibers are used and each piece is handcrafted by skilled Italian artisans, making these cashmere-lined slippers a true delight.

Fabric: 100% Suede
Sole: 100% Suede
Lining: 100% Cashmere
Origin: Made in Italy

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