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Biella, Italy

Tucked away in the Italian Alps, Alonpi Cashmere imbues their work with an uncompromising luxury. For generations, they have crafted their cloud-like scarves and shawls along the cobblestone streets of Biella, Italy, soaking their cashmere in the oxygenated, snowfed water of the region’s rivers. From the dyeing of the precious fibers to the handmade finishing touches, each piece showcases the unique mastery of their Italian artisanship.

Founded by Alfredo Magliola and Gian Pietro Tonel, Alonpi Cashmere is the result of years of thorough research and technical mastery. Through this dedication they developed a proprietary technology that allows them to apply rich, saturated color in different motifs simultaneously to both sides of their scarves and shawls. 

As the only people in the world capable of printing perfectly on both sides of the cashmere, Alfredo and Gian Pietro sit in a league wholly their own. A combination of beauty and brains, their pieces are testimonies to the technical expertise and craftsmanship of Alonpi Cashmere.

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