Bertozzi Stamp
Bertozzi Stamp
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Gambettola, Italy

Situated in the northern hills of Italy near the Adriatic Sea, Stamperia Bertozzi has been crafting exceptional ceramics and tableware for over three-generations. They are renowned for their stampe a mano block-printed linens for the home. Everything is made by hand the traditional way, from custom dyes and glazes to hand-molded Limoges porcelain. This results in products with a unique fingerprint, such as brayer lines, brush strokes or the outline of their hand-chiseled pear-tree wood stamps pressed into crisp linen. 

Founded in 1920, Bertozzi now employs more than 20 artisans at their Gambettola workshop. Their magnificent colors derive from vegetal bases concocted from secret recipes passed down for the last half-century. Playful, but sophisticated motifs dance across their ceramics and linens, placed there by traditional Italian block-print techniques dating back hundreds of years.  

Keeping an eye on both sustainability and innovation, they utilize renewable steam energy and eliminate excess waste from overstock production by following a strict made-to-order system. Their fabrics are treated with eco-friendly processes and they contribute to the research of globally accessible sustainable dye. This integrity in design is palpable within their work, gifting their exquisitely earthy products a simple, but authentic voice.   

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