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Mieko Mintz

New York, New York

Mieko Mintz synthesizes rich textile traditions with modern aesthetics. Born on Kyushu, one of Japan’s most Southwestern main islands, Mieko studied fashion in Tokyo before moving to New York City, where she still lives today. Her line of one of a kind Kantha jackets has since become her signature, fusing traditional Indian handcraft with sophisticated and contemporary Japanese designs.

Mieko’s jackets are an amalgam of fine vintage sari cloth selected by Mieko twice a year in Western India and her own signature fabrics. Kantha means “simple stitching” in Hindi and is a time-honored tradition in South Asia. It is defined by the long-running stitch that bonds two or more sari fabrics together. In the case of Mieko’s jackets, the Kantha stitching is done by women in a small cooperative in West Bengal who need up to 5 months to complete their meticulous work.

Each piece Mieko designs is a truly original, reversible composition of beautiful prints, color and stitching, and is deeply personal to Mieko. Colors are equally unusual and dynamic, demonstrating the rich and informed aesthetic of Mieko and her cooperative of artisans. Her perfectly tailored pieces are refined and intelligent, elevating the casual with a mastery of drama and volume.

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By Walid

The Swiss-born British-Iraqi artist Walid al Damirji creates one-of-a-kind patchwork garments crafted out of rare and antique fabrics sourced from all over the globe. By upcycling exquisite materials, Walid celebrates ideas of beauty and artistry from the past.

Wearing a By Walid is like wearing an intimate work of art. They are luxurious assemblages of Rococo silks, antique lace, vintage linen, Baroque embroideries and Spanish chinoiserie shawls. These pieces only improve with age, as the provenance of their cloth is poised to absorb a new story.

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