Berlin, Germany

 In 2008, Anne Schramm decided to start a small niche knitwear label that would tie together generations-old knitting techniques with the best cashmere yarns available. Her pieces combine crochet and knit traditions that have been passed down through her family for generations. Every sweater is made to last a lifetime.

Recalling vintage and classic silhouettes with a contemporary twist, Anne’s collection ranges from lush, oversized wraps to closely tailored cardigans and just about everything in between. Ultimately, Anne prides herself on creating uncomplicated yet exquisite designs in Caravaggi yarns. 

Caravaggi sources fiber from Capra Hircus Laniger goats which live in a habitat where there are significant changes in temperature, resulting in the development of a finer, more prized undercoat known as cashmere down. Cashmere down is ten times warmer than wool, but with unparalleled lightness and softness. The loose knitting of these lofty and lush yarns makes them perfect for wearing in fall, winter or spring. One is simply never too hot or too cold. 

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