Laurie Goldstein is an American-Israeli potter committed to the ongoing quest of combining function, aesthetics and beauty. Her pieces feature interesting brushstrokes and textures, just enough to give each an element of individuality without pushing them over into the ornate.

Originally from New York, Laurie’s family moved to Israel when she was eight years old. After completing her bachelor's degree in set and costume design at Tel Aviv University, Laurie set off to NYC to do a lot of drawing and ended up in the MFA program for theatre design at New York University. But then something happened that changed the course of events: she took a throwing class and fell completely in love with clay. Starry-eyed, she moved to a small town seven hours away from the city, in the snow belt of America, and spent the next two years passionately studying ceramics at Alfred University.

Since then she has moved back to Israel, set up a studio and joined a cooperative gallery in Jerusalem called “8 Altogether.” Constantly honing her skills, she combines the functionality that is necessary with the aesthetics and beauty she desires. She is passionate about making functional ware because it allows her to become a piece of people’s lives through their everyday routines.