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Paris, France

Adeline Scrives established her eponymous jewelry line, Scrives, to highlight the beauty of little known gemstones. While her workshop is stocked with emeralds and sapphires, she also boasts a candy store of rare collector gems such as damburite, enstatite and sphene. 

Adeline began her journey into jewelry in India, where she discovered new presentations for gold outside of her European roots. Her passion for precious stones led her to study at the Gemological Institute of America wherein she was able to more deeply understand and appreciate the properties that comprise a superior stone. 

Most imperative of all, Adeline exclusively uses gemstones that have been ethically and responsibly sourced. She works directly with artisans and fellow gemologists to ensure this fact. Her goldsmiths maintain an ancestral knowledge of 22K gold, which is used for its purity and intensity in the Scrives workshop. 

Adeline’s natural inspirations are subtle, but very much present within each piece. Delicate seashells echo in the fluted facets of an earring, emerald raindrops float along the chain of a necklace, and cabochon sapphires seem like many a river-smoothed pebble dotted along the gold.

Her pieces ultimately hold an eclectic, but organic, beauty – prizing color, clarity and cut above all else. The wandering palette defines this bohemian collection, and invites all who encounter it to look a little bit closer. 

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