2023 – Persian Rug Pillows

Wild Life

Antique & Contemporary Textiles,
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2023 – Persian Rug Pillows

The House of Lyria

timeless fabrics

2023 – Astier
2023 – Miyo Oyabu
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Summer Glassware

Is there anything better than a cocktail shared on a summer afternoon? Chill a martini glass or embellish your pinot grigio. Effervescent flavors, the laughter of loved ones, the clink of ice against glass: a joy unrivaled.

Featured Designer

Bridget Johnson

British ceramicist Bridget Johnson creates unique pieces that assume a worldly identity all their own – the result of her experimental bisque and smoke firing processes. Slowly built from the ground-up, each piece is finely hand-coiled using a technique inspired by the traditional arts of West Africa.

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Featured Designer

House of Lyria

Based in the Tuscan city of Prato, the heart of Italy’s textile industry, The House of Lyria produces original, timeless fabrics unlike any in the region. Founder Riccardo Bruni, the creative force behind The House of Lyria, is an auteur of textiles who merges tradition, experimentation, and emotion to create materials with a wholly unique character. The company is named after a rare, elegantly spiraling conch shell. It symbolizes the freedom of the ocean, a wide-open realm in which to dream and explore.  

Featured Designer

Linda Ouhbi

Born in Casablanca and currently living in France, Linda Ouhbi creates her stoneware pieces using a hand coiling technique. This ancestral process necessitates slow construction and permits the development of a relationship with each piece. Throughout the quest for a fragile balance during creation there begins a dialogue that influences the shapes that emerge.

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