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Rianna and Nina
Rundholz DIP
2023 - By Walid

One-of-a-kind patchwork

2023 - Cho Cho Baskets


2023 - Avant Toi

innovative and extraordinary

2023 - The Row

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Daniela Gregis

Her aesthetic is informed by the balance of the natural world; fueled by poetry, humility and harmony. In a world where traditional artistry and meaningful human connection perpetually compete with blind consumerism and technology, Daniela boldly lives and creates in devotion to the former.

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Uma Wang

Uma Wang is one of the few designers who can render the most complex fabrics into something seemingly simple. 

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Things We’re Loving

The Italian Table

Situated in the northern hills of Italy near the Adriatic Sea, Stamperia Bertozzi has been crafting exceptional ceramics and tableware for over three-generations.


Oranges & Apples

Pieces that can transition between snowy mornings and warm afternoons and stay comfortable all day — an easy task for a Daniela and Wommelsdorff combination.


The Creativity of Color

Avant Toi creative director, Mirko Ghignone, champions the magnetic nature of hue — using every shade of the rainbow to set the mood for modern style. 


Ümit Ünal

Ümit Ünal grew up observing and working in his family’s atelier. He later refined his style, process and influences through his fashion, archaeology and art history education. Ünal designs freely, and while inspired by his past, he creates for the future.

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