Lauren Manoogian

New York, New York

Lauren Manoogian’s career began with a jewelry and accessories line forged from sourced scrap metal and surplus materials found in her urban Brooklyn landscape. Since these experimental beginnings in 2010, her work has shifted into a collection of easy ready-to-wear intended to evolve with the wearer through all walks of life. Whether jewelry, sculpture or clothing, every piece she creates finds itself part of her incredible textural narrative.

As a whole, Lauren’s work is characterized by her simple patina and fluidity of gesture. Her knitwear practices her intuitive shape development front and center, with complementing and contrasting lines for the form in sweet alpaca, merino and pima cotton. Her subtle essentialism is further underscored by a focus on crafting solely with sustainable materials and fair trade employment. She further adheres to sustainable and sincere handcrafting by incorporating the use of antiquated handlooms and ethically sourced materials.

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