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Brooklyn, New York

Selecting a piece of jewelry can be a daringly intimate pursuit – it often feels as if the precious metals and stones of a favorite necklace or earring are a reflection of our deepest selves. With an obsessive, treasure-like approach to gems and their presentation, New York-based Tenthousandthings excels in this vocation – creating meticulously fine jewelry that is simultaneously contemporary, familiar and personal. 

Behind the label are designers Ron Anderson and David Rees, self-taught jewelers who turned to the craft after successful careers within fashion. 

A meeting of aesthetic worlds, their sculptural forms are informed by the abstract shapes of nature as well as ancient artifacts found throughout the Met Museum’s collections – exhibits the duo visit frequently for inspiration. 

For Ron and David, the process of making is its own reward. A love for shape defines their work, wherein hand-carved emeralds, opals and black diamonds dangle from delicate strands of 18K gold – the thoughtfulness and care of their creative journey embodied within each piece.

“From one thing, begets the ten thousand things.” – The I Ching, an ancient Chinese divination text that inspired the label’s namesake. 

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