Annie Fensterstock combines her talent for design and technical training to explore the world of metals and gemstones. Born and bred in New York, Annie's unique sensibility and daring vision forge exquisite handmade jewelry that is truly in a class by itself.

Raised by a family of artists and inheriting her mother and grandmother’s expertise, Annie's technical background began while studying metalworks and jewelry design in art school. Years of tutelage under master goldsmiths provided her with a foundation that informs her designs and supports her ability to create virtually anything from her bench.

References to Art Nouveau and Baroque styles can be seen within many of her designs, as her work tends to have a combination of organic, flowing and extravagant ornamentation. With a unique sensibility and daring vision, she uses ancient goldsmith techniques to elevate her dynamic contemporary designs, while working primarily with 18K Gold, 22K Gold and Platinum.