Margery Hirschey is one of the new sensations of the jewelry world. Her exquisitely unique take on lapidary and gem setting has created some of the most refreshingly innovative, one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces in the world. Playful and fun, artisanal and luxurious, Margery’s creations feature unexpected shapes and breathtaking color combinations. Each piece is made entirely of 100% recycled 18k and 22k gold and hand cut stones.

Trained as a fine artist and having studied couture dressmaking with the late New York couturier, Charles Kliebacker, Margery launched her jewelry line in 2008. Special gems are paired with silver and gold, making for an easy elegance that can be dressed up or down. Each piece is a work of art inspired by ancient goldsmithing but with a very modern sensibility, designed for today's very modern woman.

Today Margery makes jewelry from her studio in Denver, Colorado. Margery believes in designing while inspired by the natural world. The irregularity you see in the gold margins she creates around the raw beauty of the stones mirrors the irregularities you find in nature. Through an artistic eye for color pairings and the use of thoughtful asymmetry, the natural beauty of the materials is able to truly shine. Each piece has a free-wheeling and playful energy. Her jewelry is a perfect union of art and fashion.