Rewards Program

What are Rewards?

Rewards are our way of saying “thank you!” for your time with us here at Santa Fe Dry Goods, Workshop and Wild Life. 

Throughout the year, all of our clients earn a bit back on their spending in the form of Rewards. Every dollar spent on the purchase of full price, non-discounted items equals one Reward Point.

Earned Rewards are kept digitally within your store account and are eligible to be redeemed one month after the purchase is made. Rewards are valid for use in any of our stores or online. They expire a year after they were earned on a rolling basis.

How to Enroll:

You are automatically enrolled with any purchase of full-priced, non-discounted merchandise. Any Rewards earned on your purchase can be used towards your next after four weeks.

Rewards Tiers:

1,000 Points = $50 Reward
3,000 Points  = $150 Reward
5,000 Points  = $250 Reward
7,500 Points  = $375 Reward
10,000 Points  = $500 Reward
15,000 Points  = $750 Reward
20,000 Points  = $1,000 Reward
30,000 Points  = $1,500 Reward
40,000 Points  = $2,000 Reward
50,000 Points  = $2,500 Reward
75,000 Points = $3,750 Reward
100,000 Points = $5,000 Reward

As we strive to stay mindful of our community and global responsibility, any Rewards earned over 100,000 Points in a year will be donated to charity. You can read about our charitable efforts here.

When are Rewards Available?

Rewards are available one month after an eligible purchase. They are kept digitally within your store account and any of our sales associates would love to help you with applying them to your next order.

Are Rewards Earned on Sale Items?

Rewards are only earned on full-price, non-discounted merchandise. Sale items are not eligible for Rewards. 

Do Rewards Expire?

Rewards expire one year after the date they were earned, on a rolling basis. For example, if you earned 100 points on April 15, those points would expire on April 15 of the next calendar year.

Can I Use My Rewards in Wild Life and Workshop?

Yes! Rewards are available for use in any of our three stores or in our web store. 

How to Redeem Rewards Online:

If you would like to redeem your Rewards through an online purchase, please call our Web Store at (505) 982-6192 before placing your order.

Additional Questions:

For any questions about our program or to find out your own Rewards balance, please give us a call at (505) 982-6192. Thank you so much for your support of our stores . We hope you will join us in celebrating your time spent with us!

Need help?

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