Biyan Wanaatmadja
Biyan Wanaatmadja
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Surabaya, Indonesia

Biyan Wanaatmadja is devoted to the long pursuit of beautiful things. The result of a lifetime of dedication and training, his eponymous line explores the nuance and power within modern specialty dress. Excitement surges through his work, where disparate elements, like silk organza and intricate beading, are juxtaposed to create something wholly unique. 

A student of the London College of Fashion, Biyan is one of the most prominent designers in Indonesia. Each of his pieces revolves around the process of its creation, where he imprints his creative fingerprint through a vast array of material treatments, from embroidery and appliqué to pleating and cut-outs. He translates cultural inspiration and beauty into incredibly detailed pieces that celebrate a balance between East and West. Through exploring age-old traditions and fabrics Biyan has developed a nuance within exquisite artisanship.

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