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Our Global Impact

Recognizing that high craft and luxury fashion can consume more than its share of resources, one of our most important tenets is to help drive the balance between the expense of the handmade and a world with little access to basic health or wellbeing. We do this through a mix of giving back, focusing on designers who create with the environment in mind, and supporting small craftspeople, living wage productions, women’s cooperatives, and simply funding the organizations that are most effective at restoring this balance. 

Buying According to Environmental Leadership

Alonpi: At the forefront of bio-sustainable practices in Italy, Alonpi uses special dyes and finishes that are specifically non-toxic, and avoids producing their cashmere in colors that can only be achieved in non-sustainable ways. In addition, their organic cashmere is created using only the finest Hircus Cashmere Goats from Inner Mongolia, supporting and sustaining the communities there who raise the animals.

Closed: This German-based jean maker is the most environmentally forward denim company on the planet. Their philosophies center around lessening their own environmental impact without ever sacrificing quality. They focus on local production, organic materials and recyclable packaging, donate their unsold goods instead of disposing. Their dedicated eco-line, “A Better Blue”, uses 50% less water, 25% less energy, and 65% less chemicals that traditional denim.

Trippen: Using primarily vegetable-tanned leathers sourced from small tanneries in Tuscany, Trippen’s sustainability permeates every aspect of their shoes. From sewing their soles instead of glueing to making sure their rubber is 100% recyclable, their main concern is the longevity and eco-responsibility of their creations.

Pippa Small: Pippa was named ambassador of the human rights organization Survival International and awarded an MBE by the Queen in 2013 for ethical jewelry and charity work. She won “Ethical Jeweler of the Year” and the prestigious “Walpole Corporate Social Responsibility Award” in 2016. Pippa was also named winner of the “Green Sustainability Award” by Town and Country magazine. She continues to venture further in exploring ways of making jewelry, reviving traditional skills and techniques in communities in Central and South America, Southern Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

Daniela Gregis: As one of the world’s leading designers in beautiful things for the body and soul, Daniela Gregis prides herself on crafting with absolutely no waste. Every leftover scrap of cloth is transformed into a tie, a band, a belt, with no materials left unused.

Etro: In their own words: “Sustainability is not a slogan, it’s a story.” In addition to their own practices of using sustainable materials and creating timeless pieces that will be relevant well past their current season, we focus on buying pieces from them that specifically involve traditional handwork.

Hania New York: This New York company employs over 100 knitters across the 5 boroughs of NYC, each who specialize in a single type of knit. They are a signatory of the 2020 Circular Fashion System Commitment and are committed to designing their items for reuse, reparability, disassembly, and extending the life of their garments through natural means.

Supporting Individual Craftspeople

James and Tilla Waters

Akiko Hirai

Michael Ruh

Disa Allsopp

Christopher Duncan

Christiane Perrochon



The Good Shepherd

Women-led Companies & Cooperatives

Shi Cashmere

Mieko Mintz

Sabina Savage

Lauren Manoogian

Gilda Midani

Supporting Local Need

‘The Food Depot, Food 4 Kids”, Since 2015

RAINN, Since 2015: RAINN is the largest anti-sexual violence organization in the United States. It provides best-in-class services for survivors, informs and educates the nation about sexual violence, and improves the public policy and criminal justice response to these crimes. In addition to providing frontline services such as its national hotline, it has invested significantly in curbing violence against women on Native American reservations and is currently tackling the spike in violence against minors as a result of the COVID pandemic.

WILD EARTH Guardians, Since 2015: Wild Earth Guardians protect and restore the wildlife, wild places, wild rivers, and health of the American West. Their current priorities include the defense of the Endangered Species Act, improving air quality in Colorado (ranked 46th out of the 50 states), setting controls for the exploitation of public lands for private interest and lobbying to transform our country’s Wildlife Services department which poisons, traps and guns down millions of our nation’s most majestic animals. We have supported Wild Earth Guardians for 5 years through direct donation and auction items.

Improving Our Shared World

IFAM, Since 2017

Girls Not Brides, since 2018

The Rainforest Action Network, Since 2015

TransWorld of Color Collective, Since 2019

Black Lives Matter, since 2017

WildAid, Since 2016: WildAid is a tier one “Great Nonprofits of 2020” organization dedicated to reducing demand for illegal wildlife products. Their programs are focused around persuading consumers around the world not to buy illegal or unsustainable animal products such as shark fin soup, ivory and rhino horn, and to make better transportation and food choices in order to reduce climate change impacts. We have supported their efforts with about 1/6th of our charitable budget for the last four years.