Rianna + Nina: Kosmima Creations

Ever colorfully adventurous, Rianna + Nina look to striking gold and gem accessories to inspire their most recent collection.

Rianna + Nina Kosmima Dress
All Images via Rianna + Nina

Rianna Kounou and Nina Kuhn of Rianna + Nina met through a passion for vintage fabrics and vibrant designs.

Their shared interest in fashion doesn’t end with clothing however, as the brand’s newest collection, Kosmima, borrows heavily from jewelry inspired themes.

Bracelet and Sleeve Closeup

The name Kosmima, Greek for “jewelry,” is tied to Rianna’s familial heritage and upbringing in the historic Mediterranean nation.

A reference to both traditional Greek craftsmanship and jewelry’s abundant presence in feminine Grecian style, the duo’s goal was to create a collection that “captures the immaculate beauty of the isles’ many wares.”

Kosmima Collection Pattern
Kosmima Collection Pattern
Kosmima Collection Pattern

Historic Jewelry Images via The MET

Rianna + Nina stay true to their trademark bold color palettes while incorporating imagery of jewelry and other Greek motifs into this seasons’s designs.

Depictions of earrings, brooches, bracelets, beads and arm cuffs adorn drawings of classically shaped amphoras and other traditional Greek vases, decorating the colorful backgrounds and various fabrics of flattering shirts and dresses.

Rianna + Nina Kosmima Dress

A massive, graphic necklace of jewel encrusted, golden beads wraps around the surface of sharp blazers, kimonos and jumpsuits.

Rianna + Nina Kosmima Jumpsuit

Immense illustrations of gems and stones, shimmering and vibrant, float in space atop the black colored fabric of a flowing silk dress.

Rianna + Nina Kosmima Dresses

Alongside these jewelry inspired designs, quintessential Rianna + Nina style patterns, always tasteful in their decadence, can be found in solid bands of color and organic Horos print.

Rianna + Nina Kosmima Dress
Rianna + Nina Kosmima Design Close Up

Although the primary patterns make a statement from far away, the designers did not forget to give thoughtful attention to the details.

Collars, cuffs and hemlines are formed with the various patterns and fabrics used throughout the collection, juxtaposing motifs by mixing and matching one design with another.

Rianna + Nina Kosmima Dress

All these aspects combine in Kosmima as an ode to a love of stunning Greek jewelry, creating garments that are vibrantly outgoing and overflowing with sincere, unabashed femininity.

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