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Rianna + Nina

Berlin, Germany

Rianna and Nina met by chance at a vintage furniture fair where they quickly realized they both share a passion for vintage fabric, vibrant prints, traveling and a positive way of living. In 2014, they opened their cabinet de curiosités, RIANNA + NINA, in Berlin-Mitte.

Rianna Kounou spent her childhood in a creative family in colorful Athens, Greece. After receiving an education in costume design, she ran her own vintage store called “Berlin” for twenty years before moving to Berlin itself to pursue her vintage fashion dreams in the city of her inspiration.

Nina Kuhn is from a small town near Frankfurt, Germany. She worked as a PR trainee for luxury labels including Etro and Cartier before earning a master’s degree in Fashion and Design Management from Bocconi University in Milan. Her love for Berlin brought her back to the city in 2010 where she started working as the Head of Marketing of Communication at Galeries Lafayette.

Together Rianna and Nina create eclectic and unique collections. They produce two lines made by hand in Germany: their own designs inspired by the vivid and vibrant vintage prints they hold dear and a one of a kind collection from repurposed vintage silk fabrics. Both lines are a riot of brilliant colors and bold patterns.

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