Pierre-Louis Mascia | New Arrivals

When: August 23, 2020

New pieces from Pierre-Louis Mascia are available in-store and online at Santa Fe Dry Goods!

Pierre-Louis Mascia is a study in contradiction. His designs are simultaneously clean and stimulating, smooth yet electric… Bauhaus motifs flush with Rococo abandon. A trained illustrator hailing from Toulouse, France, he studied under the Uliassi brothers, owners of the Achille Pinto printing factory in Como, Italy, whose history dates back eight decades of excellence in the field. This tutelage led him down an artistically free path. Each season he begins with sketches for clothing, accessories, and homegoods — so minimal they are almost bare. Then, he explores a psychedelic yet rigorous whirlwind of mosaics and colors that become more 3D with each layer of patchwork ornamentation.

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