The Golden Tapestry

Each of us carries a history deeply individual to our own lived experience.

The places we travel, the people we meet, the objects we curate … all of that forms an indelible imprint upon our identity. Most often, the way we choose to dress and the jewelry we decide to wear is indicative of this fact – a subliminal message of who we truly are. Jean Prounis, a high-sophistication jeweler, is invaluable in this effort, crafting pieces that meld and elevate the tapestry of the self.

Prounis’s jewelry is informed by history – from her family’s interest in antiquities to her grandfather’s storied Waldorf Astoria nightclub, her eye and taste level have been shaped by a lifetime immersed in great art of the ages. Within her works, she is able to capture moments from across time and culture. The rich gold of Hellenistic Greece, granulation from ancient Sumeria and Tahitian pearls with a touch of Art Deco are all found within her stylistic melting pot.

To adorn ourselves with items of significance – such as a pair of earrings that reminds us of a favorite trip abroad, a pendant gifted during an unforgettable soiree or the ring we purchase ourselves as a symbol of strength – is to present our own intimate moments to the world. In creating our own golden tapestry, we discover the joy inherent to dressing for the self.

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