22k, Nona Necklace with Large Fibula Clasp




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Prounis 22k, Nona Necklace with Large Fibula Clasp 16 in

• 22K Gold
• Diamond Shaped Granulated Links; 8mm Wide
• Named after the Latin Term "Nona" Meaning "Having Nine", Denoting the Number of Granules in Each Link
• Mycenae-Inspired Fibula Clasp; Not Adjustable in Length

An homage to her great-grandfather, designer Jean Prounis launched her debut collection in 2017. Surrounded by a legacy of fine objects and art deco artifacts growing up, it is only natural her work calls upon these aesthetics. To carry on her family's tradition, hand-wrought jewelry is created with 22k gold, set with gemstones ethically sourced from across the globe. Each piece is created using ancient goldsmithing techniques like granulation. It is through this signature aesthetic that Prounis Jewelry combines Jeans love of antiquities and a family legacy of creating treasured memories and objects.

Materials: 22K Gold
Length: Approx. 16"
Origin: Handcrafted in the United States

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