Introducing: Iris Von Arnim

Iris von Arnim designs laid-back and luxurious collections of high-quality knitwear and timeless ready-to-wear. Her hand-knit pieces have a soft shine that comes from expertly twisted yarns.

Iris von Arnim has been designing her iconic line of high-quality knitwear and timeless ready-to-wear pieces for the past 48 years. Iris first discovered knitting in the hospital, while recovering from an accident. This pastime turned into a business idea and she started her line of hand-knit sweaters.

A family business, her son Valentin grew up surrounded by cashmere and textiles and now works alongside Iris from their family home in Hamburg, Germany.

The garden at Iris’ home has been the backdrop for annual gatherings, an opera, and several childhood games of hide and seek. This year, her garden also serves as the inspiration for Iris’ High Summer 2024 collection.

Iris designs laid-back and luxurious collections, relying on an intuitive process to create her pieces. She focuses on outstanding quality, fabric and materials. Her hand-knit sweaters have a soft shine that comes from expertly twisted yarns. She works with longstanding partners to source and produce all of her pieces.

“I like to think of knitwear as a way of life. As a friend who knows best what you need at the moment. Rather quiet – with that particular touch that flatters without being overwhelming.” 

—Iris von Arnim

This season’s collection features soft linen shirts and pants as well as textured hand-knit cardigans and sweaters – perfect for transitioning from afternoon to cooler evenings in the garden.

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