Iris Valentin Von Arnim
Iris Von Arnim 20204
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Iris Von Arnim


Iris von Arnim designs laid-back and luxurious collections for today and tomorrow. Behind each piece is an intuitive process: not only a reflection of the zeitgeist but rather an interpretation.

The collection’s essence is luxury knitwear: outstanding and pure designs meet elaborate manufacturing techniques. High-quality knit essentials and signature pieces combine with timeless ready-to-wear and elegant doubleface pieces. Like all the designs, the expressive prints and patterns are created by hand in their Hamburg design studio. 

For decades, the attitude to life in Hamburg has had a major influence on Iris von Arnim’s designs. Hamburg serves as a place of inspiration: it is down-to-earth, sensible, pragmatic. The focus is once again on high-quality knitwear and timeless, pure styles.

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