Emerald: A Color for All Seasons

Every season brings us a new and fresh palette to integrate into our lives. From the deep cobalts of Toogood to the bright saffrons of Wehve, we find a new hue to love in every way the weather changes. However, there is always one color that finds its way back into our thoughts time and again, adapting to all moods and seasons: Emerald.

Emerald green, true to the gemstone it’s named for, is a hue rich in history and sophistication. Coming first from desert mines in Ancient Egypt, the deep viridian color captured the minds of royalty the world over, making its way into everything from literature to jewelry to clothing. Unsurprisingly, the soothing natural color came to signify luck, trust, and harmony with nature. Even inclusions within the gem, for which any other stone would be derided, are affectionately referred to as jardin, or “garden” in French. This association with the natural elements has long endeared emerald to the world as a simultaneously grounded and elevated color with an unmatched versatility. 

The deep blue green of this jeweltone works well with any shade of skin or hair, and meshes easily into a variety of palettes. As a color gentle on the eyes, it is even said that the Roman Emperor Nero would gaze through a large, flat emerald gem when watching gladiator fights for its soothing properties. Today emerald is a tone rich and classic. Avant Toi has famously dubbed their version of this green Smeraldo, the Italian word for emerald. In any language, emerald adds a layer of elegance and intelligence to a wardrobe. An emerald top paired with sleek black pants and an understated bootie can bring a sense of poise to your everyday wear. An emerald necklace can ground an otherwise simple black dress into a deeply sophisticated look. In any way you choose to wear it, may this color bring you the luck, trust and harmony it has gifted the world with for centuries.

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