With beauty, style and intention, WEHVE is a tribute to the wonderful natural fiber wool and the love of texture. Made from the world's softest handwoven merino yarn, WEHVE offers stylish, cozy and lightweight ponchos and wraps that uniquely combine the expertise and quality of traditional craftsmanship with contemporary styling.

First and foremost, WEHVE is a brand deeply rooted in the importance of human relationships. Founded by social entrepreneur and Fair Trade International board member Gesine Holschuh, one of the brand’s core missions is to “unite family, fashion and tradition.” WEHVE is also the result of a quest to do something meaningful and beautiful in a way that is responsible. To that end, WEHVE is a leader in sustainable and ethical fashion. The collection is produced in South America by cooperatives operating according to established global fair trade principles.

WEHVE pursues a clear two-part credo: first, the preservation of the profound knowledge passed down through ancestral traditions and second, to share this magnificent tradition of weaving by translating them for a modern audience through pure classic designs. It is this unique perspective that permits the ongoing reinvention of the collections, while maintaining their basis in preservation of ancient methods and traditions from around the world.

WEHVE’s rich selection of eclectic and classic ponchos, shawls, scarves and cover-ups are designed in Belgium by Marine Halna du Fretay, who worked with Hermès for over twenty years. The goods are then handwoven by collectives of women who are traditional weavers in Peru and Uruguay. Determined to respect traditional craft, WEHVE translates the skills of these weavers into a into modern and luxurious wearability. The textures, feel and colors are sensational, with fine weaves and soft colors that speak of sophistication but pair as well with jeans and a great hat.