18k, Diamond Necklace with Pearl Pendant

Tovi Farber



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Tovi Farber 18k, Diamond Necklace with Pearl Pendant

“This collection was born of experiences and the way they change us. Paths of consciousness is about that fleeting and feeling, so innate and intimate, when a specific insight is so precisely refined that it defines a piece of jewelry…”

• This Necklace is Part of the Precision Collection
• Black Diamonds Inlaid in 18K Gold Rings with Granulation
• 18K Gold Hand Formed Chain; Links Vary in Size and Shape
• Closure is Built into the Front of the Necklace Near the Pendant
• Closure is Subtle and Blends in with the Chain
• Pearl Pendant Hangs from 18K Granulated Gold with Inlaid Black Diamonds
• This Piece is Substantial in Weight
• Total Carat Weight: 0.65

Tovi Farber believes that coarseness and rawness are part of what makes a piece unique; that imperfections are the embodiment of the whole. For Tovi, the point at which color, shape, texture and light all come together is where the piece comes to life. Tovi designs out of a desire to illuminate natural beauty – both of the gold and gemstones, and of those who wear them. Creating all of her pieces by hand from 18 karat yellow gold, Tovi individually selects gemstones for each piece individually, ensuring no two pieces are ever exactly alike.

Materials: 18K White Gold, 18K Yellow Gold, Black Diamonds, Pearl
Length: Approx. 18"
Origin: Handmade in Tel Aviv

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