By Walid was established in 2011 by Walid al Damirji, out of sheer demand from the fashion industry. The brand’s specialty is one-of-a-kind patchwork garments using rare and antique fabrics sourced from all over the world. By upcycling exquisite materials, Walid celebrates ideas of beauty and artistry from the past. He not only adds layers to each fabric’s history and meaning but sends a message that through a careful consideration of stye, these pieces are meant to persevere through the passing trends.

The Swiss-born, British-Iraqi artist began by making everything by hand, a practice continued today in his London studio. Walid himself is an intellect and free-thinker with the best attitude of anyone on the planet. He creates modern silhouettes for men and women combining antique textiles and the traditional idea of quilting in a way that brings the pieces into the realm of luxury and modernity. These are, if you like, anonymous heirlooms from history, modernised and reinterpreted by Walid.

Process and quality of materials are at the forefront of By Walid’s priorities: from sewing of the carefully chosen source fabrics to the hand-dyeing and embroidery, each step takes a substantial amount of time. This thoroughly detailed process makes By Walid unparalleled in the sustainability factor and at the vanguard of responsible fashion as they constantly strive for zero waste. Walid’s philosophy around the “luxury of zero waste” means his couture, one-of-a-kind pieces extend beyond fashion into the home with covetable creations such as 18th century quilts, embroidered cushions and fantastical sculptured heads.

Wearing a By Walid garment is like wearing an intimate work of art, a luxurious assemblage of rococo silks, antique lace, linens from the 1920s, 18th-century embroideries and Chinoiserie Spanish shawls, to name a few. Walid’s one of a kind separates improve with age – the provenance of their cloth is prepared to absorb a new story. These are clothes that speak of craft, of history and of quality.