Agnona began its journey as a supplier of the finest fabrics, becoming the go-to source for leading international designers like Balenciaga, Dior, Hermès and Givenchy within seven years of opening their business. Since then, Agnona has honed their craft to establish a luxury brand with extensive knowledge in textiles, producing the pinnacle of modern luxury daily wear. Their pieces are distinguished by understated elegance, absolute attention to detail and exquisite tailoring.

The company was founded by Francesco Ilorini Mo in 1953, who started an adventure of thread and fabric that became part of Italian history and culture. Agnona wrote a chapter of the great book of fashion, actively contributing to the prestige of haute couture during its golden era and ultimately becoming synonymous with timeless elegance.

Today Agnona is a women’s luxury brand and a leading manufacturer of garments produced with the most exquisite Cashmere, Alpaca and Vicuña fibers. In 1994 Agnona started its collaboration with the Peruvian Sociedad Nacional de Criadores de Vicuña, to ensure the preservation of the breed and received the exclusive rights of production and marketing together with two other members of the International Vicuña Consortium. Agnona's fabrics are forever noble but modernized with superior construction and stretch. Color is delicate and rich. Draped or fitted, the double yarn, such as Double Cashmere, characteristic of the brand is both lightweight and warm. This masterly skill is an integral and intrinsic part of the brand DNA and its heritage.

In 2016 Simon Holloway was appointed Artistic Director of the brand. With Simon’s deep respect and love for Italian quality and design, Agnona embraces its Italian heritage and culture of style that is uniquely Milanese. Taking advantage of decades of fabric development and Italian couture technique as inspiration, the collection continues to represent the pinnacle of modern luxury daily-wear, handcrafted in Italy.