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Ziggy Chen

Shanghai, China

Shanghai-born designer Ziggy Chen launched his namesake label in 2012 with the goal of crafting a line that blends modern elegance with practicality.

Inspired by his studies of history, architecture, photography and painting, Ziggy Chen’s aesthetic is primarily shaped by his understanding of the past and his appreciation for objects that transcend time. He explains, “Some [objects] are housed in majestic and splendid museums, others are buried in flea markets, but all of these things have one thing in common: they have a beauty that we cannot see in this day and age.” 

With a throughline of both material innovation and high quality fabrics, each of Ziggy Chen’s collections build upon the designer’s prior seasons. Ziggy is particularly interested in the lived-in patina of unpretentious antique furniture and textiles. He notes a particular fondness for both Eastern and Western clothing from the 17th and 18th centuries, whose techniques are nearly unmatched by those produced in modern times. 

Shirking a precious notion of perfection, Ziggy explains “Much of my inspiration for patterns and details in my clothing comes from tools, pottery, textiles and furniture that have been used, deformed, and broken down over time.” 

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