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Rianna and Nina
2023 - Tovi Farber (Sept)

Echoing Antiquity

2023 - Gilda Midani Blue (Sept)

Under the Light of the Moon

2023 - Frenckenberger

A Cashmere Counterculture

2023 - Gilda Midani Brown (Sept)

Day as Night

2023 - DVN Coat

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Album di Famiglia

Upon opening the Album di Famiglia Fall Collection, we felt a rush of traveled nostalgia – the kind that comes from waking before the sun rises, walking through wild grasses laced with dew, or thumbing through an heirloom book in a darkened library. Layers of crumply cotton velvet and nubby handknit sweaters feel like a postcard mailed with love from a far off place, or a far off time – particularly, the rolling hills of Saksun, a remote village tucked in the Faroe Islands.

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2023 - An Artful Season


After years of living in the midst of fashion creativity in Paris, designers Terry-Ann Frencken and Nathalie Berger design knits intended to meet the needs of mountain living – with a wink to the seductive feel of cashmere on the (naked) body. From Rick Owens to Schönenberger, the duo have cut their teeth at houses renowned for luxury on the edge. Today, their portmanteau label, Frenckenberger combines their deep industry expertise with a free-spirited approach to dressing.

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2023 - Steeped in History

Avant Toi

Avant Toi’s creativity is not to be understated – its kaleidoscope of color is as core to the brand as its sumptuous textiles. Much like Monet’s brush, designer Mirko Ghighone imparts a sense of naturalistic artistry into his work – both metaphorically and literally so, as the dyes are hand-painted, daubed and misted across the pieces. And, like Monet, Mirko and his team of artists draw upon the wonders of the natural world for inspiration.

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Things We’re Loving

Stones with a Wild Soul

Eschewing a monochrome approach, Miranda Hicks has introduced color without sacrificing her signature edge.


In Pursuit of Beauty

An interview with Eva and Massimo Palomba to learn more about their inspiration, process and specialized techniques.


Global Motifs: Fashion + home

A selection of antique textiles from Iran, reimagined into inspired soft goods for the home.


2023 - Jan-Jan Van Essche



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