Denise Betesh
Denise Betesh
Album di Famiglia
Denise Betesh
Rundholz Dip
Denise Betesh
Rianna and Nina
2024 – Daniela Gregis

An Inspirational Escape

2024 – Sia Taylor

A Golden Seed

2024 – Umit Unal

A Zephyr of Spring Style

2024 – Pierre-Louis Mascia

Wild Harmony

2024 – Album di Famiglia

Mindful Design

2024 – Sophie Hong

The Silk Canvas

2024 – Jaga

Earthy Metallics

2024- April Higashi


April Hagashi

2022 – Perrochon

Pillows with history

2023 – Gilda Midani Blue (Sept)

Freedom of expression

2024 – Rundholz Dip

Gray Is Spring 24’s Neutral

2023 – Gilda Midani Blue (Sept)

Under the Light of the Moon

2023 – Tovi Farber

Gilding Soft Light

2023 – Avant Toi

innovative and extraordinary

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Gilda Midani

Gilda Midani describes garment design as a way to make the body “peaceful.” To free her wearer from the nag of fit and form is to refocus them on life’s sunshine. This is where she begins her process, with an attention on how her chosen textiles feel against the skin; how a mix of dyes flows across the form; how a carefully placed seam adds definition to an otherwise unstructured silhouette. By mastering shape and color, Gilda achieves the impossible: a wearable oeuvre that feels as joyful and easy as it looks.

Featured Designer

Black Label

Rundholz Black Label’s silhouettes are no fuss – the collection as a whole is made for throwing on and making a move as quickly as possible. Pullover tops, pull-on pants, A-line dresses and easy tees built for layering… a treat for days that call for equal parts fun and freedom. As is designers Carsten and Lenka Rundholz’s intention, the garments lean more streamlined than their DIP and Main Line counterparts to serve this goal.


Avant Toi

Avant Toi sits at the cutting edge of luxury knitwear. Forward-thinking, innovative and extraordinary, they have revolutionized classical cashmere into an aesthetic urban and avant-garde without sacrificing the material’s inherent elegance. Their superior quality knits are shredded, painted and spattered to create Avant Toi’s signature juxtaposition of grunge and luxe. 

2024 – Erdem



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