Forme dExpression
Denise Betesh
Tutsi Baskets
2024 – Forme d’Expression

Surefire Style

2024 – Rianna + Nina

creativity, curiosity and color

2024- Yasuko Azuma

Textured Gold

2024 – Gilda Milani

A Summer Escape

2024 – Tutsi Baskets

Folk Arts of the Tutsi

2024 – Monies

Beyond the Ordinary

2024 – Pierre-Louis Mascia

Wild Harmony

2024 – Kimberly Collins

A Moment of Indulgence

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India is a country full of flowers. Many have symbolic value and are seen as bridges to the divine. As a group, they are symbols of strength, purity, and generosity. And, with the love the center theme of Pero, Aneeth Aurora explores flower power in each collection with enthusiasm and delight.

2024 – Winter Dresses
Featured Designer

Natural Daniela

After the gray of winter finally loosens its hold, we are once again set loose to roam. Through the fields… the forest…. past the wooden tiny house along the stream… to a wild meadow thick with pansies and forsythia. A chorus of songbirds warbles nearby – summer’s first greeting after a long sojourn. The sun beats down gently to warm soil, rock and skin alike. When wandering as such, berries and seeds may spill from your pockets. Not an oversight but a fortuity: the beginning of a new generation of life in this idyllic place.

2023 – Poetry in Neutrals

Casey Casey

Casey Casey is designed and made entirely by hand in Paris, France. Casey Casey garments reconnect the modern wearer with the well-established and venerable skills of the traditional Parisian ateliers. Each piece is a durable essential displaying meticulous hands–on workmanship, embracing slow fashion with an emphasis on hand finishing details.  

2024 – Officine Creative



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